Virtual Shelf

Before we begin, we need to get the Survey id from the Param id:

first we send this object to the server end points:

We place the param_id in this object, we get the param_id from the published URL:

{ "event_type": "params_crud", "action": "get_params", "data": { "params_id": "PRMS01G027YJBWQ4RE9RMBNJJ73YJ1" } }

The response will give you the survey_id, this is then used in the API calls:

{ "code": 200, "data": { "params": { "survey_id": "SURVT01G027YJ46E7575APG7X1J8XPV", "state": "test", "survey_type": "test", "respondent_token": "RESP01G027YJA08A0X7QRAN4B8NXCW" } }, "event_type": "params_crud", "action": "get_params", "client_msg_id": "" }

In the response above, we copy the survey_id and then use this in all the requests for all the other API calls below.



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